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About us

13 Jan

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The Company

Theatre for an audience seeking something alive & limitless


Baz specialises in theatre that offers audiences unique experiences. Working in site-specific venues, developing and devising projects over long periods of time, we offer our audience the chance to experience theatre as active spectators, empowered by their experience.

We want to put a well trained team into a space and watch them stay in the moment to play the ‘game’ out to the finish. We train our actors to stay present and open; to be the bravest part of themselves, to fully use their voices, their bodies, and to trust their impulses. We want our students to do the same, sharing our approach in an accessible way that appeals to students, arming them with a toolkit of new ideas and techniques that challenge.

At Baz, we make theatre that holds the tension and power of a sporting event, and we see no difference in our approach to education with our comprehensive package of workshops that inspire. As a theatre company we develop our process through regular workshops, and our work in Education is equally intrinsic to our development as a company.

After the success of Macbeth in November 2011, Baz is producing PROPHESY, a project devised by the company’s ensemble. Taking characters from the Greek Myths and setting them in a dystopian Britain, we will be exploring the notion of self-identity in children: the roles they take on, the expectations they have and the choices they make. Set in two contrasting worlds of ‘Troy’ and ‘Sparta’, we will explore the moments in Paris and Helen’s childhood when they receive prophesies that will bring about the complete destruction of their families and worlds.

We continue to develop our company process in order to keep our actors physically and actively engaged as they play, our aim being to create work that has immediacy and is thrilling to watch. Prophesy will use a non-theatrical performance space so that our audience can continue to relate to our productions as experiences rather than as shows. It is our desire to keep a mercurial edge in our identity, allowing reinvention and avoiding preconceived ideas about what theatre ‘should’ be.


Prophesy School Tickets Offer

13 Jan

Ticket Offer

BAZ Productions would like to invite your school party to watch Prophesy at a reduced price of £10 per student.  For every 10 tickets you purchase, the 11th ticket is free and all teachers accompanying students also go free.

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To book tickets for your school to see the show between Tuesday 5th February and Saturday 2nd March, please email caroline@bazproductions.co.uk.